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"I always trusted my doctors to take care of me. However, when I became injured after undergoing surgery it was recommended that I see a lawyer.  


Mr. Nakamura and his firm understood my case and helped me step-by-step through the entire legal process. They made the effort to come to Kauai to see me personally to help me understand the difficult process I went through. Although I have to live with my medical problem, I feel my life is better today because of his help."


Providing compassionate legal support

"Life is unpredictable. We never imagined the need for a personal injury trial lawyer, but are grateful to have found Derek Nakamura when we did.  


When faced with personal adversity, things become more complicated. In our case, even though we are both professors at the University of Hawaii, we needed Derek's counsel and guidance to make sense of what was happening to us. He always provided clear explanations of the law and presented options; assessing the strength or weakness of each to aid our decisions. Derek provided clear, professional opinions in the most compassionate way possible and he was always careful to really listen to us and to be considerate as to what our needs were. Derek never put his interests as an attorney ahead of ours — he always provided us with his best recommendations, and then accepted our decisions on what action to take. We cannot imagine surviving our ordeal as well as we did without his assistance."

A few of our landmark cases...


  • Construction site accident with head injury: $1.9 million


  • Roadway design car crash:     Over $2.8 million


  • Car accident with a passenger death: Over $2.3 million


  • Bicyclist accident: $840,000

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Professional skills to fight for you.

"For over 20 years, Mr. Nakamura has provided legal services and counsel to members of our church.  He has worked compassionately with people in our community to make sure that no one takes unfair advantage of those in hardship. I recommend him to anyone who needs professional skills to fight for what is right."


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"I was a single mother of two young girls at the time of my car accident. It was not a big accident. Some people questioned the seriousness of my back injury. For myself, I also could not understand how my back hurt so badly after the car accident. I went to see Mr. Nakamura and explained what happened. He believed me. The doctors discovered that I had an underlying back condition which make me prone to serious back injury. Things started to make more sense. However, when my doctors decided that corrective surgery on my back was necessary for me to get better to take care of my children and move on with my life, I again felt alone and scared. Mr. Nakamura continued to believe in me and supported me through my two back surgeries. He never stopped believing in me and continued to fight for me in trial and in the appeal process. I am grateful that he helped me through my darkest time and has never given up on me. I believe he will always fight for what is right." - Anonymous


"We were very fortunate to discover the services of attorney Derek Nakamura in 2006 when our daughter was killed in a car accident. It was at the most desperate, confusing, devastating, traumatic time that our family was ever in. It was almost overbearing to think for ourselves or how we could ever re-live this event in a court setting. Each day preparing for it was a physical and mental struggle. In spite of these obstacles, Derek and his staff very professionally voiced their consolation and treated every hurdle with great expertise in top notch guidance and sensitive instruction, helping us gain encouragement through every painful step. We are deeply indebted to this attorney not only for his wisdom but his careful approach to fight for everything he knew we deserved. He listens to your concerns. Though our heartache and tears or winning the case will never replace our daughter, we can confidently recommend him to be an attorney of integrity, and one who commits to giving his all out best. He represents you as a deep connected friend whom you can trust in your time of need. We would highly endorse his office for your legal answers."


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